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AMS is a leading manufacturer of urban waste management vehicles based in Italy. Thanks to its multi-decade experience in the industrial equipment sector, AMS offers innovative and efficient waste management solutions.

The numbers of AMS

With a manufacturing capacity of over 15 units per month, AMS has currently 25 direct employees operating in the company's production plants: two covered hangars of 5,000 m2 fitted with six 10,000kg gantries, a spare parts warehouse of approximately 2,000 m2 and a 15,000 m2 open-air yard.

Our vehicles in the world

Beyond Italy, AMS is one of the leading suppliers of side-loaded equipment both at the European level, in Spain and Serbia, and globally, with customers in Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

AMS' Compactors:
CL1 & SP Series

The AMS side-loading vehicles, with the electric variant, and the AMS rear-loading vehicles, able to adapt to any need for PAYT collection, are able to meet all the challenges from a modern management and from a responsible waste collection.

Since 1971
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The numbers of AMS

Our vehicles in the world

AMS' Compactors:
CL1 & SP Series

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Side and rear loaded RCVs

Discover the CL1 & SP series

CL1 Series

Innovation in side loading

The CL1 series of side loaders RCVs, available with body volumes ranging from 13 up to 32 m3, also includes a high-quality 10 m3 monocoque mini-compactor that stands out as the pinnacle of AMS innovation.

A simple construction paired with high technological content allow the CL1 models to achieve excellent work performances while minimising management costs and environmental impact.

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Efficiency and safety from PAYT to industrial collection

The three rear-loaded compactor models cover a capacity range from 10 to 30 m3 and are designed to best meet the current security and discretion requirements of pay-as-you-throw and door-to-door waste collection services.

Thanks to their engineering simplicity, the models of the SP series are particularly long-lasting and are designed to exceed 15 years of operational life.

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Services and Assistance

Consulting, customised products and personalized services

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Products and solutions tailored to your needs

Technological development aimed at efficiency and maximum sustainability is a fundamental value to AMS, just as much as paying attention to its customers’ requirements. Most waste collection and management systems are in fact subject to multiple variables, which require different solutions in every single instance. Within AMS, innovation always follows the customer’s needs.

Our plans for your

Scheduled Maintenance

A proper maintenance allows AMS vehicles to keep their efficiency and consumptions unaltered over the years, even after withstanding long and repeated work cycles. Our workshops are able to provide all the necessary assistance and original spare parts.

A complete service including

Customer Care & Safety Update

AMS is ISO 9001-certified since 2000, and thanks to its specialized technicians it is able to provide extensive consultancy along with a professional and dedicated service. In order to offer a complete customer service, AMS provides detailed analyses and vehicle upgrade plans to comply with the most recent safety regulations.

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