October 2017

AMS news at Ecomondo 2017

Efficiency, discretion, versatility, safety and, last but not least, considerable economic advantages: aiming at these targets, and thanks to its solid experience in the electric sector, AMS has decided to inaugurate a series of important innovations on all its equipment. Needless to say, Ecomondo 2017 is the ideal stage to launch this innovative "breakthrough".

Compaction "in motion" is possibile

We take stock with Key Account Sales Manager Lorenzo Lotti, who talks about the latest improvements and changes in the SP model, the robust and versatile rear loaded RCV which has already become well-known and appreciated by the market because of its ergonomic solutions, such as the lowered rave rail, the two-handed control and its safe, user-friendly experience. "Yes," he says, "we decided to bring the latest generation of SP devices to Ecomondo 2017, mounted on a Euro 6 diesel-powered Iveco Stralis chassis (although the set-up is also possible on the chassis of any other major manufacturer): the most relevant piece of news, "borrowed" from our CL1 electric solutions, is the ability to activate the compaction not only when the vehicle is stationary, but also “in motion”, during transfers.

An increasingly flexible, productive vehicle

Therefore, in addition to gaining time thanks to a considerable increase of the service speed, we also achieved extreme flexibility: in fact, it is possible to carry out both traditional collection services, in which the containers are lifted while stationary and later compacted in motion, and manual loading “on the move”, with the operator following the vehicle to manually load the differentiated trash bags, which are then compacted in motion, with no need to stop the vehicle.

Electric lifting device

Another novelty involves our electrically-powered lifting device, which allows for a significant machine noise reduction. "This was achieved by separating the compaction portion, which remains hydraulic, from the electric lifting system, preventing the overload of the vehicle’s power take-off, with a consequential reduction in noise and emissions related to the endothermic engine (the vehicle is no longer forced to increase its rpm during the emptying phase). This allows to perform the collection service at night, even in areas subject to noise limitations, without disturbing the citizens in their sleep while also saving on consumption, with enormous benefits for the environment".

Measures for maximum security

In addition to the environment, AMS has also thought about people: not only the citizenship, but also the operators, being aware that their work is burdensome and wearisome. "Safety has always been a must for us, and from this standpoint we have developed further implementations that allow the operators to stand on the footboards with the vehicle in motion: for example, physical separation panels between the worker and the compacting area, paired with optical sensors that allow the operators to get on the vehicle while it compacts the waste. I would like to point out that all of these improvement were applied on a machine that was already full of ergonomics and safety measures, such as the one metre rave rail and the mechanized pneumatic tailgate. Thus, in addition to having a vehicle with maximum profitability, we also achieved the highest level of safety and ergonomics.”

Italian market as a target

Above all, this solution is designed to meet the needs of the Italian market, which remains the most important target for AMS, despite the difficult contingency. "In Italy, the situation is quite uneven: there are those who are taking on the challenge of innovation, while others are still struggling. When I think that Barcelona will soon invite the first tender for eco-friendly vehicles with electric drive, the only thing I can say is that there are still many uncharted territories to discover and conquer in Italy".