CL1 Series
Innovation in side loading

The constructive simplicity of a technologically advanced product makes it possible to achieve excellent work performances by minimising management costs and environmental impact.


CL1-N Natural

Innovation in side loading

The CL1-N is the flagship model in the AMS range of side loaded RCVs. The CL1-N lifting system is sturdy, flexible and fast, which guarantees the sustainability of the service, ensuring the equipment a long operational life.

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CL1-E Electric

The standard hybrid model of AMS

The CL1-E is the standard hybrid model in the AMS range of side loaders. Launched on the market in 2012, it has soon become a standard thanks to the efficiency proven in the field. The CL1-E, also available on methane-based chassis, is characterized by its electrically-powered equipment, an optimal solution to meet the growing demand for emission and noise reduction.

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The solution for underground collection

The new underground collection systems improve urban aesthetics, guarantee greater hygiene and safety and generally increase the citizens’ quality of life. AMS can help you to introduce the underground collection system in an easy and gradual way, maintaining the value of the investments already performed. It is in fact possible to use the current fleet of CL-1 vehicles, modifying it appropriately for underground collection.

The Highlights of the CL1 Series

Waste Management Technologies

The Body

The body is made of a special steel alloy, in a single, monolithic continuous wire-welded structure. It is designed to optimise the potential of each frame, maximizing its overall loading volume and legal payload. Specific precautions aimed at achieving the highest degree of liquid waste sealing allow to use this vehicle also for the mechanised collection of organic waste.

Container Lifting Device

The lifting device (AMS patent) is simple, sturdy and it avoids the memorisation of the container distance, thus removing any possible error when putting it back on the ground.

Control Console

The console consists of a Siemens touch screen panel located in the cab, along with a simple joystick. Thanks to this panel, equipped with a colour display, the user is able to monitor the operating status of the whole system and run on-board diagnostics.

Hopper-Press Unit

High capacity hopper, built to maximize durability, to avoid compaction on the bottom of the body and to allow for quick and easy replacement and maintenance.

Compaction System

The AMS compaction system allows for compaction speed modulation in proportion to the volume of the container. Specific devices studied and perfected over time by AMS are guaranteed to eliminate hopper obstruction risks due to the load of light and/or bulky material, making the CL1 equipment perfectly suitable for differentiated waste collection.

Hydraulic System

Designed to achieve the required performance even in the harshest of conditions. Its extreme simplicity allows for easy maintenance.

CCTV System

The container can be centred, picked-up and re-positioned on the ground with utmost simplicity with the help of 5 colour cameras, 2 monitors and a joystick. The working area is displayed throughout the duration of the lifting and positioning cycle.